June 23, 2016

Sending a newsletter


These are the steps you'll need to take to send a mobile-responsive newsletter email to your members

You'll need a couple of things to begin with: 

  • Your newsletter copy
  • Your newsletter images
  • Your newsletter builder open in a new tab
  • Your nation

Go to your nation in the backend and select a broadcaster. Begin an email like you would usually. 

Select your recipients and then click on the Files tab and upload your images. Keep them around 600 x 400 px. After the images have been uploaded, open each one in a new tab.

Go to Theme and select "CAA Newsletter Email Theme" as your email theme. After that, go to the Body tab.

Toggle back to your newsletter builder and fill in all the fields. Each newsletter card does not need to have an image, but if you would like to plug one in, go back to your image open in the new tab and copy the URL and paste it into the corresponding field in the newsletter builder.

Use the buttons at the bottom to add a new field, double-check your work, and copy all the code before you send your newsletter.
After that go back to the email you're setting up, click on the Body tab and paste all the code you copied into the HTML field, and then hit save.
Once you're done doing that preview your email and send yourself a test and you're good to go!